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New Ambassador Program!!

Hey guys!  My name is Sulli and I am the founder of Blue Bison Apparel.  For just over 2 years now, I have watched this brand grow into something that I never thought possible.  We have worked hard to reach our goals and now it is our turn to give back!


Recently, we have started an ambassador program.  This was our first time having a team of ambassadors help us get our name out there.  However, we want to become more than just a brand.  We want to become a community of individuals who look for opportunities to make this world a better place.  


Our first call to action comes from our passion of the outdoors.  Who doesn't enjoy beautiful scenery, great company, and an unlimited supply of fresh air?  I know I enjoy these things, and that is why we are going to create this community.  We are going to keep our lands pure by hosting meetups in different areas where we can get together and gather as much trash as we can.  


The way these will work is by first starting local.  The first one will take place in Boise, Idaho later on this month.  We will have more information to come, but those who live close by are welcome to join us.  We will dedicate a portion of the day to clean up some of our favorite areas to explore.  We will collect up all of the trash, weigh it in, and dispose of it properly.  Let's see how many pounds we can accumulate this year!!!!  We encourage each of you to take time out of your busy schedules and do this in your home towns.  Wear your favorite Blue Bison gear and send us your photos and how much trash you pick up!  


So ambassadors, this is how we want you to get involved.  If you have any suggestions on how to improve this movement, PLEASE let me know!!  I am always open for suggestions and I look forward to working with each of you!